recyclable & compostable.

Our packaging must at its minimum be either fully recyclable or compostable or both. How we dispose of our cleaning product packaging is of critical importance moving forward.

All our cardboard packaging can either be recycled in your kerbside collection or kept for home-composting. We use vegetable-based inks that biodegrade fully leaving nothing nasty behind.

Our tablet sachets are also fully home-compostable. Just pop them in your kitchen waste, or compost bin and they will degrade within weeks.

smol plastic bottles are of course made with 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic. They are PET which is the easiest of all plastics to recycle with the biggest demand from the brokers and traders within the recycling industry. So great is the demand for recycled PET - that the UK cannot currently meet it, so we must import recycled PET as well. Such demand keeps us confident of the high value to our PET bottles and the high likelihood of their being recycled (sadly this is not true for most other plastic).

Our clever cartons are recycled by over 97% of local authorities and enjoy much higher recycling rates than plastic. Creating a carton also requires less energy than making our recycled plastic bottle (43% less carbon to be precise). Using them for our home refill systems was a no-brainer!

Learn how to recycle your cartons here.