convenience is king.

Walking down soulless supermarket aisles and struggling back home with huge boxes and bottles of detergent was never our idea of fun. We knew there was a better way to buy laundry and smol was going to bring solutions.

Taking one more thing off a shopping list is always a good feeling but knowing that you are never going to run out of cleaning products again, brings a special sort of satisfaction! It’s saving you time and so much more. 

One thing our customers love is the flexibility of our online accounts. Not only does our clever system work out how often you will need your smol delivered, you can change this delivery frequency at any time to accommodate life’s ebbs and flows. 

Some of our customers who have large families or clean and launder clothing more often might find they need deliveries weekly or fortnightly, whereas others may only need one delivery a year! Delivery timetables are as individual as you and delivery is always free.

And the convenience of storage is one we take very seriously. Having concentrated products means we can shrink down our pack sizes and that means more space for you at home; something our customers who live in smaller spaces really value. Fitting a laundry detergent in your kitchen drawer was unheard of… until now.