cutting our carbon footprint.

Cutting our carbon footprint is essential for us as individuals and for us as a company. In 2021 we were the only household cleaning brand to be awarded a Marie-Claire sustainability award for cutting carbon and we’re proud of the savings we can bring.

Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is critical to reducing the rate of global warming. 

We can do this by cutting our carbon footprint. Currently the average footprint per person in the UK is 12.7 tonnes per year of carbon emissions. The government would like to see us cut this to 6 tonnes or lower per person.

We’re proud that smol is one of the only cleaning brands to have conducted a full life cycle analysis by an independent sustainability expert (eLoop). It’s part of our commitment to look at all areas of our manufacturing and see where we can improve.

If we were just to take the simple swap of purchasing smol laundry capsules (rather than buying a big brand product in the supermarket), this cuts carbon by 35% through production and delivery. It’s a brilliant 46% for our dishwasher tablets and switching to our surface spray refill system will cut carbon by an amazing 91% compared to the single-use surface spray brands.

All this means that each month smol customers save around 280 tonnes of carbon. Flying from Paris to New York and back again creates 1 tonne of carbon so you can already see how many air miles our community has cut from the atmosphere!  And the number keeps growing! It’s a smol swap for a big difference.