you shouldn’t have to pay more.

It’s important to us that smol is always a fair price and the recent rises in cost of living have brought this home so much more deeply. We are always looking at ways to bring good value to you with your smol, and here are just some of the ways…

Being cruelty-free, vegan and using sustainable packaging does mean higher costs to us as a business… we won’t compromise on ingredients or the quality of our manufacture but we continue to work hard to ensure we can still save our customers money. It can be done.

One way is by selling direct to you and cutting out the middleman. Of course, supermarkets are convenient but they do extract their profit and we’ve found delivering direct is actually more helpful for our community and it saves money too.

And there are further savings to be made by swapping smol laundry to our 4-pack offer. There are less frequent deliveries to your home of our 96 capsule pack AND an overall saving of £2. That’s 20p per wash (down from 22p).

And moving over to our dishwash 3-pack will see your 90 tablet pack arrive 3 x less often with a saving of £1.50 overall and just 18p per wash (down from 19p).

And anytime you fancy a free pack of smol - there’s always our Refer a Friend scheme waiting for you on your account. Successfully introduce a friend to smol and your next pack of laundry or dishwash is on us!

Making your detergent go further is always a helpful cost saving, so make sure to only run your machines when fully loaded (those half-loads waste water, energy and money) and the cooler you can run your dishwasher and washing machine the better. Those eco settings might take longer but they will cost you less in water and energy as most of the cost of running your machine is the heating of the water.

For more tips and tricks on cutting your household cleaning spend check out our #washwell campaign right here.