We founded smol because we believe there is a better way to buy cleaning products.

We are smol.

We believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. High performance, eco-friendly cleaning products conveniently delivered to your home at the best price, guaranteed.

So simple you’d have thought the big brands would have done it already.

Turns out big is not always best.

No b*llsh*t.

We wanted to start a company that talked to our customers as we talk to each other.

No gimmicks, no magic tricks, no cheesy advertising. Just straightforward and honest.

it’s easy being green.

Why should eco-cleaning be expensive and poor performing?
With smol you can have both efficacy and affordability.

We champion plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever possible. If not possible, we make sure to use post-consumer waste that’s fully recyclable or returnable for reuse or create bottles for life.

Cleaning shouldn’t involve animal cruelty and smol is Leaping Bunny certified.

Ever seen a house-elf?

Tell us how often you put a wash on or do the dishes and your smol will magically appear on the doormat. We’ll only ever send you what you need when you need it.

Spring-cleaned yourself out of surface sprays? Simply order what you need and they’ll turn up at the door.

...Ta d’ah ...

No need to overpay.

By cutting out the middleman you can enjoy high performance, eco-friendly cleaning at a fair price.
Who knew?

Always and forever.

And that’s a promise.