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concentrated cleaning. bottle for life.

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  • buy the bottle once

  • keep and re-use it forever

  • no more plastic waste

Big performance.

We have created the most effective concentrated surface cleaners in the world.

They are toxic-free and deliver superb results throughout your home; spotless surfaces, brilliant bathrooms, gleaming glass and mirrors.

smol price.

Save money and the planet by buying refills not bottles.

A household cleaning revolution? Maybe just a smol one ;)

How it works.

  • sparkling surfaces

  • save up to 50%

  • eco-friendly

  • cruelty free

starter pack

3 bottles for life and 3 tablets (multi-purpose, bathroom, glass & mirror) for just £10 incl. delivery.

Regular delivery

Our 6 tablet refill boxes cost just £6.00.. Tell us how often you clean your surfaces and we will regularly deliver what you need.

Stay in control

Running out fast? Do not need as much? Cancel or pause at any time, or modify your order using your login.


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