Our Mission To End Single-Use Plastic

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So much plastic is used with so little thought nowadays and something has got to change.

We’re working hard towards that change.

Here at smol, our packaging should be refillable, compostable, easily recyclable (or all 3) AND it must work brilliantly. 

Wherever we can use cardboard we will. 

In fact we used it in 2020 to create our world-first patented cardboard laundry packs that are saving over 30 tonnes of single-use plastic every month.

but what if we need to package a liquid?

Could we make a bottle out of cardboard? 

It’s exciting to think that might be possible in the not too distant future. BUT we have to be realistic. There’s a lot of development work to do and this comes with high costs. But we’re working on it!

Plastic is currently the best choice for liquids; it’s tough, versatile and lightweight plus its carbon footprint is half that of aluminium and a quarter that of glass.

It CAN be a sustainable choice BUT not if it’s single-use. Those plastic bottles need to keep working.

so how do we keep smol plastic bottles out of landfill?

By refilling or reusing.

For example, our cleaning spray bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and are yours to keep. Tiny refill tablets and water from your tap turns a plastic bottle into a refillable bottle for life. No more single-use

Some of our products, like washing up liquid don’t come as a rehydratable tablet. We’re constantly looking into this but currently the quality just isn’t there and we won’t commit to products that don’t work.

So for now, they come ready hydrated in bottles… but these are always made from 100% recycled PET.

And once they’re empty you can return them to us with our FREE rinse and return scheme. 

an ongoing commitment to end the use of plastic.

We look forward to a near future with some cool alternatives to plastic which will have better overall environmental impacts. Testing of these might start sooner than you think! 

Our mission remains to eliminate single-use plastic. Because we’re sick of it. We’re sure you are too. 

Why not watch our short film to learn more about why we’re sick of single-use plastic and what we’re doing to remove it from our lives?


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